This morning, I ran into a Republican friend of mine (yes, I have a few Republican friends) and posed to him the question of my last post, "Where are the jobs?" He acknowledged that corporate profits are up and that the JOB CREATOR class is not sufferring the way the rest of us are, but his response was, "Why should they invest and create jobs so long as (President) Obama is in office?" Excuse me? Are the Republicans deliberately keeping the unemployment rate high and the economy in recession just to make President Obama look bad? I've thought this was the case since the day the President took office, but I am amazed that rank and file Republicans admit to it without embarrassment.

If the Republican party is deliberately undermining the American economy for partisan, political reasons (and I believe that they are), then they are guily of treason and should be prosecuted. They are economic terrorists, plain and simple.

6/18/2012 07:19:59 am

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