It's nice to know that Twitter has become so powerful. It might even give progressives a way to counter some of the huge donations the right-wing PACs are getting from millionaires and corporations. But now that we know that the power is there, what do we do with it? I don't know that debating endlessly with RWNJs is a profitable use of time (except, perhaps for the amusement value), and trading pro-Obama and anti-Romney tweets with one another may fire up the base, but I'm not sure it expands it. This election won't be decided by the progressive base and it won't be decided by the RWNJs. It will be decided by the independents, and the only way to sway them with the power of Twitter is to get them tweeing and to get them following reliable sources of information. Easily said, but not so easily done. Any ideas? If you know any independents, get them to tweet.

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