First of all, I want to say that I got the idea for this post from a young lady with the handle @Path2Enlightenment on Twitter. It was her insight, not mine, but it was so good I had to elaborate.

The Republicans seem to be attacking President Obama on a daily basis for slow job growth. They ignore the fact that the last Republican administration presided over a precipitous drop in employment (their memories are woefully short) and insist that they could do better.But wait . . . it is a central tenet of right-wing slash & cut economics that except for cutting taxes on the rich, putting money in the hands of "JOB CREATORS" there is nothing the government can do to create jobs . . . but wait, President Obama compromised and extended the billionaire tax breaks, and although much of the country is struggling, corporations and the 1% are not. It may not have been the best choice of words, but President Obama was right when he said that the private sector was doing fine . . . at least the people who OWN the private sector . . . they're rolling in profits. So here's my question . . . If the JOB CREATORS can produce job growth, if only we let them amass more and more millions, and since we have, in fact, watched them amass not only millions, but billions while the rest of us struggle, then where are all the jobs the JOB CREATORS are supposed to be creating? Banks are hoarding obscene amounts of money. Bankers are receiving obscene salaries and bonuses. The Republicans refuse to let Mr. Obama create jobs with his jobs bill. And yet, the JOB CREATORS sit back, hoard their wealth, but create no jobs.

The rhetoric of the right is full of holes.

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